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The Historic Fidelity Building to be Renovated to Multi-Family Mixed-Use

Urban Design Group is working alongside 210 N. Charles Owner, LLC to rehabilitate and renovate The Fidelity Building into a mixed-use, multi-family property.

The Fidelity Building is a 15-story, approximately 220 feet tall, Romanesque revival high-rise building in the central business district of Baltimore City. Built as the headquarters of the Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland, the original eight floors were initially completed in 1894, making it 128 years old to date.

The building was originally designed by the prominent local architecture firm of Baldwin and Pennington, composed of regional designers Ephraim Francis Baldwin and Josias Pennington. Baldwin and Pennington were also the main house architects for stations and structures of the B&O Railroad.

The building survived the February 1904 Great Baltimore Fire, as it stood just beyond the northwestern edge of the famous burnt district. The fire destroyed numerous downtown and waterfront buildings and skyscrapers up to across N. Charles street. After the fire of 1904, the Fidelity Building contained the only remaining bank vault of any size within the city. Bankers from around the city had to work in booths along Lexington street after the fire, storing their money at the Fidelity Building Vault at night with militia carrying the money to the vault in iron chests.

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