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Our Latest Completed Project!

From an empty and unmanaged old lot, to 22 new beautiful and efficient units with a full 23-space parking lot. Breaking ground in June of 2020 with a July 2021 completion date, Peabody Walk Lofts withstood the trials of the pandemic and in its entirety, the Peabody Walk apartments present a wonderful case study in urban infill design and development within a Baltimore City community, which required extensive collaboration with a wide array of engaged neighborhood stakeholders. Through the careful and meticulous planning and design process, the resulting project contributes positively to the environment that it's within, offers a dynamic and beautiful architectural design, and provides the need for high-quality rental housing in the area.

Every project and site presents a unique environment that must be properly acknowledged in order to create an architecture that both benefits the surrounding community and becomes a timeless anchor in that environment. The project site for Peabody Walk, a long linear lot along 28th St, between Howard & Mace Streets, presented an array of challenges in its constraints and surroundings, as well as design opportunity. With existing blocks of rowhomes on three sides, and situated within the historic Charles Village community, key design challenges included sensitivity to the massing and siting of the building, while developing an exterior architecture that complimented the detailed and historic residential vernacular.

Movement and articulation is evident throughout the masonry veneer skin, giving the façade a scale and treatment relatable to much of the surrounding area's historic residential architecture. Though a multi-family project, the façade and massing could easily be taken as a rowhouse development, further reinforcing the building's success in fitting in with its neighbors. The exterior design of the project scales itself wonderfully relative to the community, and is composed of a high-quality and well-detailed masonry veneer, which is complimented by the light-ness of large window openings and subtle two-story metal panel bays.

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