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Mission Statement


At Urban Design Group we understand that buildings and their surrounding environments are an integral part of this new economy. As sustainable architects, we are responsible for restoring and enhancing the current state of the built environment. Our approach goes beyond reducing the negative impacts of construction. We design concentrated developments to promote urbanism, public life, and shared use of resources. We seek to create buildings that produce, rather than consume energy. Our projects contribute to additional green space and improve air quality. Our main objective is to design buildings and the surrounding environment to enhance the quality of life and respect the ecosystem. UDG’s ecological design philosophy is evident in our work. We recognize that our design principle guides our mission for achieving sustainability, innovation, civic responsibility. We recognize that each project has a unique “ecosystem,” yet we strive to integrate project objectives within broader social and environmental missions. The people of UDG are dedicated to the mission of transforming the urban fabric into a healthy and sustainable world.

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